Dear Camp Bmore Kids Campers,

Mrs. Ashly here! I’m currently at Director’s Camp in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! There are people from all over the country here! I’ve made new friends from Alabama, Seattle, Maine, and North Carolina. I am sleeping in a cabin, and we are all sharing stories about our camps!

I wish I would have brought our super cool group badges to show everyone. I think they would have liked them. Also, I should have brought a flashlight! I’ve got lost a couple of times in the dark trying to find my way back to my cabin from the campfire. The food is AMAZING here, and we get dessert with every meal.

You are never going to believe what I did with some of my new friends. WE JUMPED INTO A FREEZING COLD LAKE in the morning when it 36 degrees outside. I was a little bit scared at first, but I thought of all the times you guys jump in and try new things with us at Camp Bmore! I’m so glad I did it! I will NEVER forget that experience and the people I was with.

I miss you all and am very excited about the upcoming summer! Take care and enjoy the fall weather. Don’t jump into any lakes unless you have your family with you : )

This is my friend Matt and I talking about his camp in New York.

All the best,

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