I am Molly’s “Grammy” and I wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful your camp is! Molly has been so excited since day one of the first session and she tells us all of the exciting things that your program provides. You not only have the typical camp activities, but special guests to enrich the program. Molly loves to learn and your program provides the kids with so many opportunities to enrich their learning. You should feel so proud of your efforts and also for your selection of such enthusiastic, experienced people working with you to make this camp work so well.

I live around the corner from the school and I walk past the school several days a week so I often hear and see the campers doing outside activities. I always hear the kids having a great time and getting excited about whatever they are doing. It makes me know Molly is in the right place for her summer enrichment and care.

My husband and I are both retired BCPS teachers where he was a middle school math teacher and I was First Grade. We both know how important it is to have caring people to go along with a well-run program that fits every child. You seem to have provided those aspects and more. We can’t thank you enough for putting your heart and soul into Camp BMore! We see how much Molly loves this program and I am sure she isn’t the only camper who feels that way. We came to the first program at LRHS and saw how hard your counselors work and we will be at the next program next week. It’s evident everyone works hard and gives it their best!  We can’t thank you enough!